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As we grow as a team we want to share what we are learning with you. Every step forward that we take lifts us to a new level as an organization. The services we provide are innovative, and always being updated based on our professional and personal growth. This way we can give our clients outstanding services that constantly exceed expectations.

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Work/Life Balance as a Recruitment Strategy

August 13th, 2013

I heard an ad on the radio yesterday that made me smile.  It was a recruitment ad for a construction company in Nisku, Alberta.  The main focus was Work/Life Balance.  If you work there you will be able to go home at the end of every day instead of working out of town.  You will also be able to spend time with your family and friends and have time for your hobbies.  It even mentioned finishing those home renovations that you started back in 2005.  Pretty realistic!

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Retention of Employees and Workplace Wellness – Linked?

August 6th, 2013

Of course!  If employees feel like their well-being is important where they work, and they are being invested in, they will be much more likely to stay.  They are also going to talk about how much they like where they work, and that may help with employee attraction.


Some examples that I have come across in the years I have been in the field of Corporate Wellness:


-An employee telling me that they loved working for the Oil Sands mine that they worked at, when they won a massage at work, after participating in a Wellness Initiative that I had implemented.


-A group of accountants I worked with brought me in to talk about dealing well with stress just before tax season.  They said they felt understood and that their company cared about their stress levels.


-I ran a Wellness Day for a company and I could tell by all the happy faces, and everyone working together and focusing on their wellness, that they were seeing their workplace in a whole new light.


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Overworking and Business Owners: Working Towards Balance

July 30th, 2013


I don’t usually write in this blog for business owners.  I usually run my workshops and gear my writing towards employers wanting to increase the well-being of their workplaces, employees, and HR professionals …. but I really feel the need to write this post.  I am a business owner and I know quite a few other people that are as well.  At first I thought I was one of the only business owners that struggled to find my balance and manage my stress… but I came to understand just how wrong I was.  I teach about these topics, so I can just imagine that many business owners struggle with this even more.


Do you relate to this scenario?  You thought you would start your own business to gain freedom in your life, have more control over your schedule, not have to deal with tough bosses, do what you love doing and to make more money.  You then had to put in many loooong hours in order to get things up and running, establish relationships with people, find clients, figure out how to run a business and go above and beyond on projects in order to create a name for yourself.  You thought things would slow down when your business took off…. and you could have your own personal life soon.  Then you changed your business, grew your business or took on more projects.  A balanced life stayed just beyond your reach.  You also had to deal with tough clients, employees and partners etc.  You became chained to your business instead of free like you had previously imagined.  Does that hit a bit too close to home for you? Read the rest of this entry »

Promoting Work/Life Balance in the Workplace

July 22nd, 2013


When employees feel well and balanced everyone benefits.   Employees will potentially feel happier, have more energy and feel higher levels of self-fulfillment.  Families can become stronger with healthier and more positive relationships.  Employers will likely enjoy employees that are more productive, less burnout and health issues within their work teams and also more positivity to the workplace.


3 Tips for Promoting Work/Life Balance in Your Workplace


1.  Start at the top!  If your management is practicing an unhealthy cycle of over-working that leads to burnout; they are very likely passing those believes, and type of lifestyle, on to the people that report to them!  If you want to change the culture in terms of balance in your organization start promoting balance with your management!


2.  Encourage that people do not take work home with them and have enough staff to handle your current workload during business hours.  If you notice individuals on your team skipping breaks/ lunch/holidays and also taking work home or staying late on a regular basis…. there is a problem.  Either they have an unrealistic amount of work on their plate or they identify with workaholic behavior.  Having your team take time away from their desks for breaks and meals, and taking their time off to re-energize and enjoy a personal life will ensure that you have an effective work team.  If you push people too hard, or they push themselves too hard, they will likely experience burnout and not have much to give.  Mistakes and lack of positivity can also happen when exhaustion (physical, mental or emotional) kicks in.


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Workplace Culture- Challenges and Ideas

February 15th, 2013

Recently I acted as the event planner for an event that was about Workplace Culture.  Creating and maintaining a positive work culture that attracts and retains employees can be tough!  This post outlines the brainstorm that the group of attendees at the event had.  I gave them 5 questions to answer and the answers are below.  I think they brought forward some very good points and I wanted to share them!

1. What are your specific challenges in terms of employee culture, especially in regards to linking people to more than their paycheck and leadership?

-Having people realize that there is more than just a paycheck

-Have staff realize they are part of the company and their actions have an effect

-How do you make employees feel appreciated?

-Company growth from smaller to global

-Growing a positive workforce (harnessing new employee enthusiasm as they integrate with long-time employees)

-Ensuring employees are in tune with business goals to ensure they are passionate

-To offer things other than salary to create value and to remind employees of those advantages

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Corporate Health and Wellness?!? What To Do?

February 6th, 2013

People ask me all the time for ideas, or help running specific corporate wellness initiatives that they can implement in their organization to help boost the wellness and positivity of their employees.  Every organization is different, but 3 of my top recommendations are:

-A Corporate Wellness Challenge.  Set up a challenge for your employees that will promote health, wellness and positivity.  The most popular challenges focus on nutrition, physical activity, stair usage, steps, positivity and team-building.  There are a million options though.

-An Event that provides health and wellness info, promotes positivity and gives everyone a chance to have fun as a team.  It could be a Health Fair, a Wellness Day with different Speakers/Workshops, a day full of Team-building, a day full of Physical Activities like yoga/street hockey/sumo wrestling/golf etc or all of the above mixed together!  Be creative… there are no rules (as long as it is safe and legal).  Pick something that really suites your team. Read the rest of this entry »

Beat the Bulge – 10 Healthy Eating Tips for the Workplace

January 30th, 2013

1.Avoid eating out at lunch time.  This can make your diet dramatically healthier.

2.Engage your workplace in a healthy snack policy.  Many people like to bring in baking, and often donuts and other treats will be supplied at meetings.  If your workplace can start encouraging only healthy snacks in the office, this can cut out the temptation of eating treats and sabotaging your diet.

3.Keep healthy snacks with you to prevent buying things at the convenience store or vending machine.

4.Include fruits and veggies in your snacks.

5.Instead of eating sugary snacks to try to beat feeling tired, try a complex carbohydrate with some lean protein as part of your snack.  An example would be a sandwich with multi-grain bread, lean meat and maybe some veggies in it.  That is well balanced and the elements of it will break down at different rates.  The bread will break down quickly for fast energy and the meat slowly.  That will even out your energy levels and prevent you from experiencing the energy roller-coaster that sugary treats can create. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking about Positive Change for 2013?

January 24th, 2013

You are not alone!  Many people look at the beginning of a new year as a time for positive change.  It is viewed as a time for new beginnings.  Here are 6 ideas that can boost your success in making the changes you would like to make:

1.  Make a PLAN. Without a plan you may lose focus or not know where to start!

2. Pick SMALL, achievable   goals. Start small so that you can achieve results.  Results are motivating and you can build on your successes once they become part of your life.  A couple examples of small changes are switching to whole grain bread or taking a weekly yoga class for physical activity and stress relief.  Continue for 6 weeks and then build on that.  Slowly you will change your life and stick with it!

3. WHY do you really want to make these changes? What is the REAL reason that you want to change?  To improve your health, to feel happier, to have the energy to play with your grandkids?  When you know why, you can connect back to your reason when you feel de-motivated.
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