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Mayor Don Iveson – Walking the Walk When it Comes to Wellness in the Workplace

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

I recently came across an article in outlining how the Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, makes his well-being a priority even with his busy schedule. Reading that article was like a breath of fresh air for me and made me respect the Mayor of this fabulous city even more. Having someone in the spotlight promoting, and encouraging, these important topics by example does nothing but good for the ever growing field of corporate wellness.


In the article Mayor Iveson talked about how he makes his work/life balance a priority. He tries to make it home to tuck his kids in every night, read to them and play with them as much as he can. His wife also takes his kids to visit him at work once a week when they are downtown. Work/life balance is something many people find difficult to accomplish. I applaud our Mayor for making it a priority even though I am sure his schedule is quite intense. I think Iveson is promoting something very important here. I love that he is leading by example and insisting that his personal priorities are a part of his day. When I talk about Work/Life Balance I emphasize that if you don’t insist that your priorities are in your day, other people will put their priorities into your day. I really appreciate Don Iveson for understanding that and making his family a priority. I hope other people will take note of his actions and try this approach as well!


Iveson also mentioned that he makes good nutrition a priority. Our Mayor is definitely a little bit different than other celebrities I know! ;) Good nutrition is something that a person can integrate into even a busy day at work. I am thrilled to hear that Mayor Iveson is promoting that.


After reading the article I really sensed that Iveson has integrated physical activity into his life as a key element. I love that he bikes to work when he can! He is not only promoting wellness, but also forms of transport that are better for the environment. With the ever growing bike lanes in Edmonton I can tell that Iveson’s passion for staying active is also helping our City.


Iveson left the reader of this article with some Corporate Wellness Tips that included turning your commute into a workout by walking or biking, walking on your lunch hour and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I like those tips. Simple and realistic.


With Don Iveson at the helm, I wouldn’t be surprised if growth occurs in the Corporate Wellness Initiative internally at the City of Edmonton and other businesses follow suit!


I am very impressed with our Mayor. Nothing but good can come from his attitude towards wellness in general and also wellness in the workplace. I think when well-loved prominent people lead by example positive change is inspired. Kudos to you Don Iveson.  Thank you for spreading the wellness, especially promoting wellness in the workplace. It is a topic I am very passionate about as someone who owns a corporate wellness company.


Link to full article I referenced in this post:


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April Smith

Owner, Vitalize Initiatives Inc.

April Smith, Owner of Vitalize Initiatives