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Why so much Stress in the Workplace?!


Stress in the workplace is a huge challenge for many workplaces.  Stress can really harm employees physically, mentally and emotionally and make them much less productive.  The workshops I offer on stress are some of my most popular services.  People just really need help and positive guidance in dealing with stress.  Stress is a very powerful thing and can sometimes even lead to people requiring take time off for stress leave.  Avoiding that is definitely the goal!


Quite a few HR professionals, Workplace Wellness Coordinators, supervisors and general managers that hire me to talk to their staff ask why I think their people are so stressed out.  After listening to many office workers and shift workers for years, I do have a good feel for what people are indicating as their top stressors in the workplace.

These are the most common things I hear employees state as their greatest stressors at work:

-Conflict with other employees, primarily their supervisor or a manager that they in some way report to.

-Not feeling appreciated at work.

-They are not enjoying their job because it is below or above their level of experience.

-Not feeling well while working.

-Feeling tired at work.

-Worrying about personal issues/family while at work.

-Missing important personal events or occasions while at work.

-Feeling like processes that they have to use don’t work and management doesn’t listen enough to change them.

-A lot of change with a lack of understanding of why the changes need to happen.

-Shift work.

-Difficult customers.

-Feeling like they are not being fairly compensated.

-The workplace being too hot or cold.

-Social isolation at work.

-Difficulty staying motivated.

-Feeling pressure to over work and burn-out.

-Difficult work environment like outdoor work.



Those are the most common reasons I have heard.


Next week I will provide some tips on how to keep the stress in your workplace at a healthy level.



Over and Out!



April Smith – Owner of Vitalize Initiatives Inc.

April Smith- Owner of Vitalize Initiatives Inc.

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