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Why so much Stress in the Workplace?!

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


Stress in the workplace is a huge challenge for many workplaces.  Stress can really harm employees physically, mentally and emotionally and make them much less productive.  The workshops I offer on stress are some of my most popular services.  People just really need help and positive guidance in dealing with stress.  Stress is a very powerful thing and can sometimes even lead to people requiring take time off for stress leave.  Avoiding that is definitely the goal!


Quite a few HR professionals, Workplace Wellness Coordinators, supervisors and general managers that hire me to talk to their staff ask why I think their people are so stressed out.  After listening to many office workers and shift workers for years, I do have a good feel for what people are indicating as their top stressors in the workplace.

These are the most common things I hear employees state as their greatest stressors at work:


Work/Life Balance- A Reality Check for the Teacher!

Friday, September 13th, 2013


I offer workshops on Work/Life Balance….but am I living it?  I asked myself that this morning.  It isn’t just some concept to be understood, it is one of those things that needs to be real in your life.  You can understand work/life balance but realistically be very far from achieving it.  As a business owner I want to ensure that is not me!!  It would certainly be easy to let that happen!


I have made a lot of mistakes.  Every mistake in the work/life balance book… and in other books for that matter.  ;)  I am not teaching on the topic because I am an angel that has always done everything perfectly.  I talk about work/life balance because I have lived the challenges and was thrown into the topic naturally about 12 years ago with Shift Workers.  Shift Workers have many challenges in the area of work/life balance so this first-hand experience really created a passion about work/life balance for me.


Ok…. Getting back to the topic.  Am I living a well-balanced life, or should I be sitting down with myself and running a workshop on myself?!?!


The Link Between Workplace Wellness and Workplace Culture

Friday, September 6th, 2013


I have been asked a few times lately about how Wellness in the workplace is related to the Culture within a workplace.  That is a good question.  So good that I thought I would chat about it today.


Both positive culture and wellness levels are sought after in today’s workplaces.  It is hard to attract, keep and motivate good employees in our current market. Thus, adding value for employees within an organization is vital to thrive.


But …… what is the difference between culture and wellness in the workplace?


Workplace wellness is actually an element of the culture in a workplace.  Wellness, of course, speaks to any component of employee wellbeing and health.  Some elements include employee stress, mental health, physical fitness, nutrition, general health, work/life balance, fatigue (also a safety issue), health in regards to sitting / standing / computer use, shift work health and wellbeing as well as positivity in the workplace etc.  Wellness in the workplace can be addressed in many ways.  Some examples being events, dissemination of information, workshops, corporate challenges and other initiatives.