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Workplace Culture- Challenges and Ideas

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Recently I acted as the event planner for an event that was about Workplace Culture.  Creating and maintaining a positive work culture that attracts and retains employees can be tough!  This post outlines the brainstorm that the group of attendees at the event had.  I gave them 5 questions to answer and the answers are below.  I think they brought forward some very good points and I wanted to share them!

1. What are your specific challenges in terms of employee culture, especially in regards to linking people to more than their paycheck and leadership?

-Having people realize that there is more than just a paycheck

-Have staff realize they are part of the company and their actions have an effect

-How do you make employees feel appreciated?

-Company growth from smaller to global

-Growing a positive workforce (harnessing new employee enthusiasm as they integrate with long-time employees)

-Ensuring employees are in tune with business goals to ensure they are passionate

-To offer things other than salary to create value and to remind employees of those advantages

-Being the second or third choice (more…)

Corporate Health and Wellness?!? What To Do?

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

People ask me all the time for ideas, or help running specific corporate wellness initiatives that they can implement in their organization to help boost the wellness and positivity of their employees.  Every organization is different, but 3 of my top recommendations are:

-A Corporate Wellness Challenge.  Set up a challenge for your employees that will promote health, wellness and positivity.  The most popular challenges focus on nutrition, physical activity, stair usage, steps, positivity and team-building.  There are a million options though.

-An Event that provides health and wellness info, promotes positivity and gives everyone a chance to have fun as a team.  It could be a Health Fair, a Wellness Day with different Speakers/Workshops, a day full of Team-building, a day full of Physical Activities like yoga/street hockey/sumo wrestling/golf etc or all of the above mixed together!  Be creative… there are no rules (as long as it is safe and legal).  Pick something that really suites your team. (more…)