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Beat the Bulge – 10 Healthy Eating Tips for the Workplace

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

1.Avoid eating out at lunch time.  This can make your diet dramatically healthier.

2.Engage your workplace in a healthy snack policy.  Many people like to bring in baking, and often donuts and other treats will be supplied at meetings.  If your workplace can start encouraging only healthy snacks in the office, this can cut out the temptation of eating treats and sabotaging your diet.

3.Keep healthy snacks with you to prevent buying things at the convenience store or vending machine.

4.Include fruits and veggies in your snacks.

5.Instead of eating sugary snacks to try to beat feeling tired, try a complex carbohydrate with some lean protein as part of your snack.  An example would be a sandwich with multi-grain bread, lean meat and maybe some veggies in it.  That is well balanced and the elements of it will break down at different rates.  The bread will break down quickly for fast energy and the meat slowly.  That will even out your energy levels and prevent you from experiencing the energy roller-coaster that sugary treats can create. (more…)

Thinking about Positive Change for 2013?

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

You are not alone!  Many people look at the beginning of a new year as a time for positive change.  It is viewed as a time for new beginnings.  Here are 6 ideas that can boost your success in making the changes you would like to make:

1.  Make a PLAN. Without a plan you may lose focus or not know where to start!

2. Pick SMALL, achievable   goals. Start small so that you can achieve results.  Results are motivating and you can build on your successes once they become part of your life.  A couple examples of small changes are switching to whole grain bread or taking a weekly yoga class for physical activity and stress relief.  Continue for 6 weeks and then build on that.  Slowly you will change your life and stick with it!

3. WHY do you really want to make these changes? What is the REAL reason that you want to change?  To improve your health, to feel happier, to have the energy to play with your grandkids?  When you know why, you can connect back to your reason when you feel de-motivated.

Fatigue as a Safety Issue

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Is Fatigue Really a Safety Issue?  YES.  Shift Work heightens the risk of Fatigue!

- Being awake for 17 hours is the equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of 0.05

- Being awake for 20 hours is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol level of 0.1

- Compared to an eight hour shift, accident rates are doubled after 12 hours at work.

- Accidents go up 17% after the 4th day shift.

- There are 30% more accidents on the 4th night shift than the 1st

- Drowsy driving accidents occur predominantly after midnight, with a smaller peak in the mid-afternoon, both for commercial and non-commercial driving.


From the Vitalize Initiatives Fatigue Management Workshop. 


Don’t Take the Health Effects of Sitting…Ummm… Sitting Down!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Sitting too much is an even more serious health concern than was originally thought.

A recent study led by the University of Leicester has discovered that sitting for long periods increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease and death even if you are getting regular physical activity!  This study led by Dr. Wilmot states that, “Prolonged sitting sharply reduces glucose and insulin secretion, key factors in developing diabetes. But these changes can be offset by standing up and walking two minutes for every 20 minutes of sitting.”

Fatigue can also be caused by, and increased by, sitting! Decreasing your sitting time can have a positive/immediate effect on your energy levels as well.

Tips for Preventing Effects:

-Optimally, get up and move around for a couple minutes every 20 minutes.

-Go for a brisk walk over lunch, or on your breaks, if possible. (more…)